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Facing issues with compliance deadlines??
       Chasing people to get work done??
             Huge under recovery adding pressure??
                          Unable to retain customers in competitive market??
"Nippon Data Consulting Limited (NDCL) provides efficiency enhancement solutions using blend of outsourcing (Offshore and Onshore) and consulting solutions to accountancy practices in USA, UK , Canada and Ireland "
Why not use NDCL proven and viable back office services. With vast experience of providing back office accounting services to accounting practices NDCL assures seamless and viable process from first day.

Nine in every 10 small accountancy practices have seen their profits turn into loss over the last couple of years. The pace of recovery is slow and shows no sign of accelerating. Many accountants have had no choice but to diversify, widening the types of accountancy services they offer. Often this has led to increased stress and longer hours, but with little financial return. More small accountancy practices are now merging with larger accountancy firms, just to stay in business.

Outsourcing accounts functions to NDCL has proved successful time after time with our formerly loss-making customers. Many small accountancy practices have already benefitted from our services and have not only been able to stay in business they have started to turn a healthy profit once more.

NDCL bouquet of services includes bookkeeping, Management accounts , Cash flow analysis , Year end accounts, personal and corporate tax returns, practice management, bankruptcy and insolvency process and non resident tax returns.

NDCL have specialize teams for practice management (Management of accountancy practice using CRM solutions), Tax consultants (Separate teams for UK & Irish Tax returns (Personal and Corporate), US Tax returns (1040, 1120, 1120S, 1041), and Canadian tax returns (T1, T2 & T3), Bankruptcy and insolvency (For US and Canada), Non Resident Tax returns, Payroll and compliances, bookkeeping, Accounting and related compliances.

NDCL is approved by HMRC to provide managed IXBRL conversion services . The USP of our service is additional Accounting and Tax specialization edge which is somewhat lacking in other IT companies operating in this domain. Being the only full service outsourcing organization to get approval from HMRC shows our efforts to be one stop service provider in this domain and our clients can depend on us for our out of box thinking

Ready to make a change? Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation to learn more about the NDCL solution and how it can make your accountancy practice profitable again.

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UK Accounting firms

Bookkeeping , VAT , Management accounts , Cash flow analysis , Year end accounts , personal and corporate tax returns , Nonresident tax returns

USA CPA firms

1040 , 1120 , 1120s Tax returns , Bookkeeping , Management accounts , Sales and use tax returns , financial statements , Non resident tax returns

Canada CPA firms

T1,T2,T3 tax returns , Bookkeeping , Sales tax returns , Bankruptcy tax returns (Pre , Post ) Management accounts , Financial statements

IRISH accounting firms

Bookkeeping , VAT , Management accounts , Cash flow analysis , Year end accounts , personal and corporate tax returns

SME Clients

Daily , weekly , monthly bookkeeping , Management accounts , Cash flow projections , payroll processing

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