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Bookkeeping & VAT
The NDCL bookkeeping team is headed by qualified accountants. The team always works to strict processes based on the standard operating procedures that we have agreed with you at the outset.

We believe bookkeeping is not merely about punching data.

Bookkeeping requires careful administration and an eye for detail to pre-empt issues that may otherwise only become apparent as the accounts are finalised. These undoubtedly take more time and effort to resolve if left too late.

With Nippon Data Consulting Limited, you can outsource your bookkeeping services in most major accounting software packages including SAGE, VT, MYOB, QuickBooks, TASBooks and others. The streamlined methods that we adopt in-house allow us to perform all necessary tasks in your usual accounting software, so our outsourcing service fits seamlessly with your usual methods and processes.

We can resolve common issues to any process level agreed in your standard operating procedures, including:
  • Understanding IRISH vocabulary to correctly post transactions
  • Understanding the nature of a business to work out the right posting
  • Understanding the chart of accounts as per the status of a company
  • Processing control documents to execute a task
  • Quality control of processed work to attain 100% accuracy
  • Resolving bookkeeping issues if ambiguous information is presented

Our billing structure for bookkeeping services is tailored to your needs. We also offer an hourly billing structure if required. Contact us to learn more about our bookkeeping processes.

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